Lane Murchison


Poet Saint

Poet Saint - single by Lane Murchison

  • Label: Bird Records
  • Release: 22 Jul, 2024
[Single] This song is a tribute and gift to Lawrence Ferlinghetti. We met at San Gregorio Store, where we filmed a collaborative scene together in a documentary about his life.

Guitar: James Nash. Banjo: James Chaka. Trombone and backing vocals: Bizzy Hemphill. Acoustic guitar, lead vox and drums: Lane Murchison. Organ and piano: Jordan Feinstein. Upright and electric bass: Joe Kyle. Recorded at Bird and Nashvilain Studios, engineered and mixed by James Nash. Written, arranged and produced by Lane Murchison.

See Lane perform “Poet Saint” in the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, which originally aired April 28, 2021.