Lane Murchison


“I’m the product of everything I see and I do.”
— Lane Murchison, Small Business

Lane Murchison playing stand-up bass

Lane Murchison is an experienced musician, songwriter, instructor, composer and producer who performs regularly in the Bay Area and beyond. His music has moved audiences in venues ranging from roadhouses to concert halls and everything in between.

Lane’s dedication to music began as a child, when he was consistently referred to the principal’s office and eventually suspended from school for drumming unconsciously at his desk. Lane maintains that he was simply trying to work out a groove; however, his teachers did not see it that way. When things were at their worst, Lane’s mother picked him up from school and took him straight to a music shop for his first drum lesson. He believes this act has shaped his music career more than any other.

In 2005 Lane co-founded Bird School of Music in San Francisco to offer instruction and performance opportunities for children and adults in a fun, supportive, technology-rich environment. “We couldn’t have done it without great support from our community and my friends, who believed in me and my music career and were just nuts enough to think I could handle the challenge of running a music program,” Lane said.

Lane draws from his experience as a performer and instructor in his role as president and studio director at Bird, in addition to continuing to teach. Lane has selected and directed the band for Bird’s on-stage collaborations with American Conservatory Theatre’s Young Conservatory program.

Bird students have performed at Power to the Peaceful, the Polk Street Blues Festival, Kideroo Children’s Music Festival and others.

Lane has found a deep connection to his craft through working with students and the staff at Bird. When he recently recorded an album at Sun Studio in Memphis, he recruited local charter high school students from Stax Music Academy to play horns on the album, giving them an opportunity to record and work alongside some of the best session players in the business. “It felt right to extend a musical hand, since one has been there for me for so many years,” Lane said. “Plus, those kids rip!”

“Lane is not only a visionary, but a leader by example as well,” said Paul McKinney, Stax Music Academy Music Director. “His passion, commitment and tenacity provided a unique opportunity for our students.”

Lane’s songs have been used in national advertising campaigns for companies like Levi’s, Coors Brewing Company, Nike and Hilton Hotels, as well as in several independent films.

Listen to a podcast of Lane live on KZSU 8/30/10